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Siem Reap - Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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Aromatic Oil Massage ( 60 mns, 90 mns, 120 mns)
Ease away the cares of the day and immerse yourself in the sensual art of aromatic oil massage. Our formulas are infused with the sweet scent of pure essential oils and contain rich emollients to rejuvenate the skin. All designed to have a powerful effect on the body, mind and spirit.
Base Oil Massage (60mns,90mns,120mns)
This treatment is a combination of rubbing and stroking through the traditional Thai massage lines while manipulating the relaxation points on the entire body. We use our finest base oil product as the medium between the hands and the body and the result will leave your whole body with a sense of renewal.

Traditional Body Massage (60mns ,90mns ,120mns )
The traditional body massage helps to not only stimulate the circulation of the blood and lymphatic system, helping the body to resist the effects of aging and improving longevity but it also stimulates the body immune system, leaving it free to defend against illness. This treatment will release the stress and muscular fatigue of the day and alleviate the pain and tension and headaches, while assisting at the same time in regaining muscular and joints mobility. The overall effect is a lift in strength and energy.

Khmer Hot Compress Massage (90mns )
Hot compresses are bundles of specially chosen herbs that are wrapped up in muslin. They are then heated in a steamer which releases their healing properties and are applied to the body in a specific manner to increase energy flow, improve circulation, relax muscles and stimulate nerves. When applied to joints and muscles, hot compresses can soothe away pain and increase flexibility.

Foot Reflexology Massage (60mns ,90mns, 120mns)
Traditional belief requires us to keep in balance all four elements of earth, wind, fire and water within the human body. By pressing and massaging through reflexology points of the feet we stimulate the links to the internal organs and enhance their performance.

Hand Massage (60mns,90mns,120mns)

Concentrating on the head , arms , shoulders, back and neck after this treatment will leave you will understand the soothing effects of gentle hands on tired muscles and with an overall sense of wellbeing.

Cleansing Facial (60mns)
We have drawn upon a combination of traditional and natural ingredients for use in our facial mask. The herbal ingredients and the art of its application are designed to leave your skin clean, smooth and soft to the touch.

Firming Facial (60mns)
The natural healing properties of honey enhance potency of our humectants products attracting and retaining moisture. When applied to the complexion, it helps skin stay hydrated and most importantly battles the effects of sags and wrinkles. Our honey firming facial mask will lift your complexion, leaving your skin soft and supple with the glow of health.

Sea Salt Body Scrub ( 60mns)

Our sea salt body scrub will rejuvenate the skin through the gentle process of exfoliation. The use of sea salt massage helps to remove the toxins that block the pores of the skin, while the exfoliation allows the skin to breathe freely. This can be beneficial for all types of skin.

Herbals Body Scrub (60mns)
Our combination of mild herbal products like henna, moisturizing cold cream, and cleansing herbal bathing massage cream, leaves your skin feeling light and soft.

Body Wrap (60mns)

Over time the body creates a continual layer of dead cell upon the surface of the skin. By dry skin brushing the skin before applying our body wrap we remove these dead skin cells. This is an important step in our procedure and ensures our gentle gels and lotions will penetrate the pores of the skin and assist in dissolving the buildup of unsightly cellulite, leaving your body with smooth, supple and soft to the touch.